Policy Solutions

Vrbo's Whole Home, Whole Community Policy Framework

Vrbo believes that fair and effective vacation rental policies are achieved through compromise and collaboration, not with bans or onerous restrictions.

Vrbo is committed to being a good neighbor and contributing positively to communities. This is grounded in respecting the concerns and unique character of the communities in which we operate.

That is why we work with lawmakers and other stakeholders to ensure vacation rental regulations hit the right balance of respecting community concerns while supporting lodging options for travelers, providing important income to vacation rental owners, and spreading the benefits of tourism.

Every community is unique – there is no single policy model that is right for every community.

“Vrbo is committed to being a good neighbor and contributing positively to communities.”

There are however, common issues and recurring areas of concern from community to community. Vrbo has drawn upon its experience and policy solutions that are working across the country to develop the Whole Home, Whole Community framework for local regulation.

The Whole Home, Whole Community framework proposes solutions for some of the most common issues vacation rental regulation seeks to address. The framework includes:

Supporting cities through reasonable taxes and fees

Preserving neighborhood character by managing density and growth of vacation rentals

Being a good neighbor, including measures to manage nuisance concerns

Supporting the rights and opportunities for all vacation rental owners with an even playing field that does not limit vacation rentals to primary residences only

Whole Home, Whole Community offers a path forward to achieving good policy that addresses community concerns while allowing for the opportunities vacation rentals provide for homeowners and travelers.

Vrbo's Stay Neighborly Initiative

Vrbo understands that property owners and managers are concerned with protecting their homes and respecting local laws.

Through our Stay Neighborly program, Vrbo seeks to inform property owners and managers about their local nuisance and tax policies so they can communicate clearly with guests and government agencies.

Stay Neighborly also provides a communication portal between municipalities and Vrbo to remove listings in violation with local laws.

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